Athena Micro-exfoliator(MICRODERMABRASION)Treatment

MicroExfoliator with LED

This crystal-free microdermabrasion treatment is the latest advancement in epidermal exfoliation. It utilizes the new and revolutionary Geometrical Matrix Point (GMP) Tip combined with a LED light, clinically proven for collagen stimulation.

* GMP Tips are medical grade sterilized stainless steel disposable tips.
* Each single use tip consists of more than 600 GMP/cm2 nano points to achieve true, even, deep exfoliation with each pass.
* Debris is trapped in the HEPA filter within the tip making the treatment truly safe, efficient and hygienic.

Tips available in four grades – fine, medium, coarse, smooth.

– Removes dead skin
– Smoothes skin surface
– Increases radiance
– Stimulates collagen production
– Reduces acne scars
– Reduces depth of wrinkles
– Lightens pigmentation

– Various micro grades
– LED light for collagen stimulation

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